Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Taking the Conversion Diary 7 Quick Takes

1. Happy Friday. My cold bottle of Fat Tire Amber says that I could win a bike. That bike. The one on the label. Went to the web site. Who knows? Turns out, my state doesn't allow winning prizes from alcoholic prizes. The alcohol is cool. Just no prizes. 
2. Kids got invited to swim next door. Yay for them. House is soooo hot.
3. I mean really, really hot. So hot, I'm going to offer it up and get some Purgatorians into heaven.
4. Celebrating a whole week of sleeping with my CPAP. If I told you this while wearing it, it would sound like, "C-aaaahhhhh braaaaaaahhhh weaaaaaahhhh aaaaaaaahh  waaaaaaah Caaaaaaaahh PaaaaaaaahP."
5.Kids are home, hungry, and Disney has taken over the living room. The hot living room. Some Purgatorian just said, "Sweet!"
6.I didn't check Facebook for a week. It didn't miss me.
7. My Bride just suggested we take the kids out of the hot house to Denny's. Sweet.

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