Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'll Get Right On That . . .

The Patron Saint of Procrastinators

(to be determined)

. . . actually, there is a Patron Saint for Procrastinators - sort of.

St. Expeditus, Martyr, is invoked by many for assistance in overcoming procrastination, and as a "special delivery" quick response intercessorary prayer buddy. The problem is, some scholars now believe that he may be more myth than man. Many, though, still consider St. Expeditus a valid member of the good guy team, and his popularity is growing. For more on the debate check here and here.

As for me, my sainted Mother always said that no prayer was wasted, so I will add St. Expeditus to my personal prayer team.
Wouldn't it be cool if people got as excited about building a personal prayer team as they did about fantasy sports leagues?
Guy 1: So - who ya got?

Guy 2: Let's see. I have St Francis, St. Monica, - and St. Peter, of course.

Guy 1: Of course.

Guy 2: And I just picked up St. Remigius.

Guy 1: Epedemics!

Guy 2: Yeah. Ya know, flu season and all.

Guy 1: Smart pick. I just added St. Cajetan.

Guy 2: Patron for the unemployed. Things ok at work?

Guy 1: You can never be too sure. And I drafted St. Michael.

Guy 2: Sweet! I wanted him.

Guy 1: Go ahead and add him. The roster is unlimited, and there's no salary cap.
Prayer to St. Expeditus invoking his intercession before the Lord for the swift resolution of economic problems:
I come before you, St Expeditus, to remedy economic problems in my work and in my home and to ask for your powerful support. Saint Expeditus, protect my income, that I may obtain sufficient money for necessities, and tranquility and joy will reign in my house.By your grace, blessed saint, I request and I pray that I will achieve my desire. (State your petition) And I will give thanks for your glorious intercession. Amen

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog, way to be a witness to the faith through this platform. I am new to the Catholic world of blogging and would love to get some feedback on my new blog. In January, I will be launching a new project for the faith and will be using this blog for communication to the world, hope you can tune in. Blessings
    Seth J. DeMoor