Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Road Trip 2009

Summer 2009 Family Road Trip. Overall, it was a rewarding adventure and worth every gallon. New Mexico is truly the Land of Enchantment. Arizona is pretty awesome too. Lots to marvel at from the windshield. I filled up my virtual knapsack with generous portions of family time, great food, and endless vistas of God's humbling handiwork. Our God is truly an awesome God. The family was also blessed with some quality candle lighting prayer time in the The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and Loretto Chapel, both in Santa Fe, and the quiet and holy Shrine at El Santuario de Chimayo. More on these in a later post.

Regarding the Family Road Trip: I present for your consideration the following list of 10 Family Road Trip Truisms (in no particular order.)
  1. The Freeway/Highway alphabet game works once. Only once.
  2. If you stop for food with more than 1 child on board, at least 1 of said children will not be pleased with the food options. (Sonic was the exception)
  3. Kids will watch the same DVD again. And again. And . . .
  4. Regardless of what the kids say, they all DO need to go to the bathroom.
  5. Hotel pools # 1 - kids will peek when playing Marco Polo. Always.
  6. Hotel pools # 2 - at some point, a cannonball will be committed, with heavy liquid collateral involvement by dry poolside sitters.
  7. Small souvenir rock dinosaurs will lose their heads if dropped to the floor.
  8. There are countless creative ways to ask "are we there yet?" without actually saying "are we there yet?"
  9. All Rest Stop restrooms will be, as our 10 year old son put it, "disturbing."
  10. There will always be slower cars to annoy you and faster cars for you to annoy.

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  1. Fantastic truisms, numbers 7 and 9 are my favorites! I spent a few years out that way in the Border Patrol and it was indescribable the beauty. Nice choice on the trip, and nice choice having a DVD player. I swore I'd never have one in the car. I remember the days of the station wagon with no seatbelts, five kids flying around, the windows rolled up tight and my dad smoking his el productos. If it was good enough for me, I always say... But then again, there will not be any more family vacations on the road for this family anyway, we've done with our shares of crossing the country! Except for the occasional eight hour drive to grandmas, three or four hours on a plane is my first option now.