Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If They Had Twitter

by @BroThunder1 Me n John totally left our boats today, full nets and all, right there @ the shoreline.
J says we're still fishing. ;)

by @John_o_Zeb Wedding still going strong. More dance - more food - lots of wine.

by @BroThunder1 J just cleaned a leper! Amazing!! Gonna stick close to him. . .

by @Simon_Peter Jesus started me on water walking today! Got a few steps in then sank! Need lots of practice. Not sure how he wants me to use this . . .

by @thomas_of_JC Confused 2nite. My turn to pick up food. Got back & was told J had been by. Up & walking. Want to BLieve, but Y come when I was out? Just saying.

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